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STAGE 1 | Onboarding

  • Signoff via WPC agreement & submit payment
  • Receive access to your client portal
  • Onboarding Meeting (Agenda)
    • Provide access to input document from client team on what works and does not work regarding current site (Questions Document)
    • Provide client expectation
    • Hand over of any assets needed for site creations
    • Assign client any needed homework to assist with buildout
  • Design Meeting w/ Mark

Estimated time: 1 week including a 60 minute Onboarding Meeting – Feb 6, 2024

Recording from Onboarding Meeting

Watch Video Here   |   Passcode:+L0V%i=7

Invoice sent on Wednesday, February 7, 2024

STAGE 2 | Site Design & Development

  • Work commences on a new look & feel for the site, customized based on feedback from kickoff meetings and any feedback provided by client. 
  • We will be working  to create wireframes of the home page, podcast page, and a few other pages. Once we have them built we will share a link for you to review.
  • Design branding enhancements to be incorporated on the site and to be used for social media and marketing materials
  • Creation/implementation of WordPress plugins that handle the podcast.
  • Layout, pages designs and infrastructure for how the podcasts will be represented and created
  • Testing and implementation of podcast feed integration
  • This stage thrives on synergy with the client. Providing quick feedback and answers to questions during this phase will ensure we stay on track to meet our Stage Dates.

Estimated time: 4-5 weeks for new look & feel, podcast feed integration will continue into Stage 3 & Stage 4

Notion Overview Meeting

Watch Video Here   |   Passcode:43e&1Xsl

Design Meeting

Watch Video Here   |   Passcode: Jad=aGj1

STAGE 3 | Site Review

  • To ensure the site is coming together as expected this early site review allows you to provide feedback on the look and feel of the site as well as functionality of the podcasting features
  • Not all content will be available at this review but enough to see how the site will function once complete.
  • Based on the timeline we anticipate this meeting will be the 2nd week of March. Final date will be set 2 weeks before.

Estimated time: 60 minute Site Review Meeting

STAGE 4 | Site Revisions

  • Based on feedback from STAGE 3, we will make revisions to the site
  • We will share a Test Site link at this point to follow along with the process

Estimated time: 1-2 weeks

STAGE 5 | Final Approval

  • Final Review Call. Roughly 2 weeks before launch
  • We will go through the entire site, answer any questions
  • Minor adjustments can be made to items at this phase 
  • Major changes outside of features that are already being built would be considered out of scope, those can be completed at the current WPC hourly rate

Estimated time: 60 minute Final Approval Meeting to be held roughly in the first week of April.

STAGE 6 | Training


  • We will schedule a group zoom meeting to go over how to make updates on the website. (Training Meeting to be recorded)
  • WPC will create a series of videos that will show you how to edit key items on the site

Estimated time: 90 minute Training Meeting to be held after Final Approval Meeting

WPC Contacts

Mark Dowd



Shannon DeWitt